Royal Scandal

  • Lewis

    A bartender at Bar Masquerade.
    Many guests come to the bar seeking a conversation with him again tonight.
    Behind his mask, he ♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥。

  • Chelsea

    The Red Diva of Bar Masquerade.
    Once her voice resonates on that stage, the best show is about to begin.
    Behind her mask, she ♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥。

  • Rosetta

    The White Diva of Bar Masquerade.
    Her beautiful and pristine appearance charms any man.
    Behind her mask, she was abused as a little girl and hates men so much it makes her sick.

  • Sven

    The engineer at Bar Masquerade.
    The show can only shine because of this silent fellow behind the scenes.
    Behind the mask, he has no one to be there for him, and he longs to die.

  • Aylmer

    An apprentice staff member at Bar Masquerade.
    His bright, energetic smile brings happiness to the patrons.
    Behind his mask, he ♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥。

  • Lilian

    Bar Masquerade's first diva.
    The play was completed thanks to the love behind her harshness.
    Behind her mask, she ♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥。

  • Albert

    The prince from the western nation of Amol.
    He is skilled in both pen and sword and bears the weight of the future and hopes of his nation upon his shoulders.
    Behind his mask, he ♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥。

  • Olivia

    A regular at Bar Masquerade and a noble woman.
    Her elegant demeanor shows that she had a good upbringing.
    Behind her mask, she is holding in some aggressive anger that keeps welling up.

  • Alam

    A merchant from the southern nation of Podel.
    This kind, young man that crossed the sea of sand dreams of Arabian Nights.
    Behind his mask, he is willing to use those he loves to gain power.

  • Kevin

    The owner of Bar Masquerade.
    Only he can run the show here.

  • Rebecca

    Bar Masquerade's designer.
    A mother, a woman.

  • Matt

    The dark hatter is mad.

  • Harvey

    The rabbit with the crescent moon has long been broken.

  • Catherine

    This creepy cat is always smirking.

  • Lorena

    Her Majesty is ♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣♦♠♥♣。