*Bonuses are only available in limited numbers, so it is possible that the bonus gifts may run out before the CD goes on sale.
*The design may not be finalized.
*There are certain shops and websites that will not have this CD or bonuses. When preordering or buying, please check the
store or website announcments to see if the bonuses are avalable or not.

*One entry ticket (one serial number) is only good for one entry. Multiple entries are also possible with the purchase of multiple qualifying products.
- The Online 1-on-1 Relay Talk Event on 1/15 (Sun) will not have a gift, or autographs.
- Winners will only be able to win and participate one time.
- Overseas customers may not be able to attend the event in some cases.
Please understand in advance.

★Please note that the events' content may be changed and or the events' themselves may be postponed or canceled,
due to unavoidable circumstances such as the situation of COVID-19 infections, natural disasters, accidents, communication failures, etc.
Please understand this in advance. In such cases, a separate announcement will be made on the official website and Twitter.